Çairé Festival

What to do
Çairé Festival

Mastro do Çairé, Vila de Alter do Chão, Santarém. Foto: Fernando Sette Câmara / SETUR

The Çairé is a religious and cultural manifestation, that emphasizes the historical elements from Santarém and is held at Alter do chão Village, 30 kilometers from the city of Santarém, western part of the state. The festivity holds up for three days and includes singing, dances and religious rituals and profane, resulting from cultural miscegenation between Indians and Portuguese.
Over the years the Festival has incorporated elements of profane and currently is a remarkable tourist product of the region is a dacing competicion between two local groups, known as Tucuxi Dolphin and Pink Dolphin. 

When it happens
In September, during the dry season when the white-sand islands and beaches emerge from the green waters of the Tabajós River, from July through December, also happens a festivity which starts on Thursday and ends on Monday with the overthrow of the masts. 


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