Alter do Chão

What to do
Alter do Chão

Alter do Chão - Santarém, Foto: Fernando Sette Câmara.

Located in the edge of Tapajós River, approximately 35 km from Santarem, during the dry season, when the water level is lower (about ten metres), reveals one of the most beautiful Brazilian beaches,  with white sand and green waters, surrounded by the forest and by the magic of its local residents. Nature gives a good impression: the Green Lake, the flooded forest, the pink river dolphins; and the simple way of life, keeping alive the ancestors culture heritage as for the centenarian Saíre - that is a mixing of religious and secular elements. The city offers good structure and services.

How to get there
Located on the right of Tapajós, about 38 km from Santarém, by paved road (PA-457) about 40 minutes driving a private car or by taxi; Another option would be by fluvial access about 3 hours.

Best time to visit
In the summer from August to December, when the river water level is lower, when you can enjoy the white sand beaches, and the temperature is warm.

What to do there
Contemplate the exotic view, enjoy a sun bathing and choose a nice river boat tour along the Lake, see the flooded forest and go for a green trails walk up the mountain of Piraoca, in the area known as Ilha do Amor (Island of love) and piracaia, which is an Amazonian luau dacing performance. You can also have fun going for a bike ride, practice kitesurfing, diving, try the stand up paddle, kayaking, try our your sailing skills and either choose a Safari tour.

What to pursache
There are several handicraft shops in the village of Alter do Chão, where you can purchase handmade products manufactured with materials from the region like straws, vines, Woods etc.

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