Green Lake (Lago Verde)

What to do
Green Lake (Lago Verde)

Located in the village of Alter do Chão, the Green Lake also known as Muiraquitã´s Lake, is a place where the green emerald water runs quietly in the middle vegetation providing a beautiful landscape. The Lake was affectionately named because of its amazing apperance and for mystery over the mais Amazon Legend, the legend of the pendant/amulet.

How to get there
From Santarém the departure option would be by fluvial about 3 hours enjoying the Tapajo´s River or either by bus terminal through PA-457 about 30 km away. 

Best time to go
During the Amazon summer August to December.

What to do there
Canoe ride through the igapós (flooded Amazon rain forest area), stand up paddle and canoeing.

Region (Polo):