Historical and architectural ensemble of Santarém

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Historical and architectural ensemble of Santarém

Igreja de N. S. da Conceição, Santarém   Foto: Fernando Sette Câmara / SETUR

The city was founded by the Portuguese Crown in 1758 as New Santarém in tribute to  a Lusitanian city of the same name. For its strategic location, (500mi) from the two largest cities in the Brazilian Amazon: Manaus, upriver in the state of Amazonas, and the Pará state capital Belém, located downriver in the meeting between the rivers Tapajós and Amazon,the city became an important trading post in the region and as well, developed with inspiration of Portuguese colonial architecture that can still be noticed nowdays, with its remarkable buildings, squares and houses that make up their historic and architectural set. The Church of N. S. da Conceição,  “o Crucifixo Von Martius”, “Solar Baron de São Nicholau” and  “Solar de Barão Santarém” are examples of representative buildings of this piece.


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