Local Community of Anã

What to do
Local Community of Anã

Traditionally occupied by 96 indigenous origin families, Anã´s community is located in into Tapajos Arapuins Reserve, on the river bank of Arapuins, about 4 hours navigating from the city of Santarém to village of Alter do Chão.
The community currently lives without electricity in the region, but a few residents use private generators power system.The water supply works fine through a diesel powered micro system that serves most of the families.

Anã Paradise Hostel - (Hospedaria Paraíso do Anã)
The AnãParadise Hostel is a business of the rural Association producers of Anã - APRONÃ. The hostel receives individual guests or groups, offering food and rooms with hammock. The maximum guests are 20 people.

The structure is composed of a living area, a kitchen, bathrooms (male and female) and big comunity room where people hang the hammocks (malocaredário). The buildings are pretty much built in wood and masonry covered with straw. The hostel has running water, supplied by an artesian well of the community and has a solar PV system which ensures lighting all day long.

How to get there
The access is exclusively with by boat from Santarém and about 4 hours before the arrival  to the village of Anã.

Best time
During the Amazon summer, from August to December, when the water is specialy good for swimming.

What to do
Visit the project of management of native stingless bees, visit the project at a community Fish farming , visit a local community and have a nice  conversation, experiencing a day at a local home, visit communities that produce crafts with Tucumã fiber,  enjoy a tradicional cuisine and go for a trail walk.

What to buy
There is in the community a craft shop, where you can purchase a handmade fiber derivatives Tucumã products. Another option, is the tourism and handicraft cooperative of forest-turiarte, in Santarém.

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