Pindobal Beach

What to do
Pindobal Beach

Located in the city of Belterra, Pindobal beach is about 50 km from Santarém. Pindobal is a quiet and peaceful place, gives privacy for the swimmers and it offers gazebos and kioks along the beach.

How to get there
Departing from Santarém by boat, about 3 hours; from Alter do Chão by car, about 13 km on a non paved road; and from Santarém, take the BR-163 Highway (Santarém-Cuiabá) and in 30Km make the roundabout, then take the next road to Belterra city, and follow straight on Pindobal  to the beach.

Best time to visit
In the summer from August to December, when the river water level is lower, when you can enjoy the white sand beaches, and the temperature is warm.

What to do there
Watch the beautiful sunset, enjoy a sunbathing and contemplate the incredible view.

Hostels, kiosk and restaurants

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