Ponta de Pedras

What to do
Ponta de Pedras

Praia de Ponta de Pedras, Santarém. Foto: João Ramid

Is a beach located inside an environmental protection area of Alter do Chão. Has a picturesque beauty, white sand, the presence of vegetation near the beach and sandstone formations.

How to get there
The distance from Santarém city is about 23 km, by car/bus, take the highways Fernando Guilhon and Shahbaz Malik, both paved; then keep straight on a not paved one, for 12km extension.  You can also do by fluvial, through the Tapajós River.

Best time to visit
In the summer from August to December, when the river water level is lower, when you can enjoy the white sand beaches, and the temperature is warm.

What to do there
Recreation activities in the sand, sunbath, water sports, go for a walk at the village of Ponta de Pedras and purchase handmade crafts; watch and participate in "Charutinho Festival", an event coordinated by the community in November; Charutinho is a tinny fish, found in large quantities at this time of the year; make sure you don´t miss the Piracaia,  a kind of local luau presentation.

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