Praça Mirante do Tapajós

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Praça Mirante do Tapajós

Praça Mirante do Tapajós, Santarém - Foto: Fernando Sette Câmara/SETUR.

Located high on a hill, the old fortress of the Tapajós was built to prevent the invasion of potential enemies in 1963 and today became one of the most beautiful sights seeings of Santarém. With a privileged view to one of the most incredible natura spectacle seen in Alterdo Chão is the meeting of the crystal clear waters of Tapajos River with the dark Amazon River ,when they mix they create an amazing sight of incredible colours.At the Foodsquare there are a number of beach shacks serving typical foods that highlight the diversity of the local gastronomy and the gazebo, which makes the sight even more enjoyable.

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