The Tapajós National Forest

What to do
The Tapajós National Forest

Floresta Nacional do Tapajós. Foto: João Ramid/SETUR.

Conservation unit recognized for its natural beauty, where the Tapajós River follows along the land and changes color according to the time of year and size. When the river level gets high, it is possible to get a canoe ride through Palm trees, enjoy the yellow birds and if you are lucky, maybe you can see alligators on this tour; in the dry season, the River goes down and reveals white sand beaches, appropriate for the bath. Up to the hill, the visitor will find the primary forest with trees, some like the century-old Samauma, Castanheira, Andiroba, among others. In addition to the environmental aspects, the FLONA presents significant cultural abundance, representing traditional populations, which carry out for a sustainable forest management in a specific area specially reserved for this purpose.

How to get there:

The distance connecting Santarém to the main entrance of FLONA about 50Km on highway (BR 163); either by a boat trip along Tapajós River.

Best time to visit:

The Tapajós national forest can be visited year-round, but during the Amazon summer, from July to December, it is the period that the bay is fringed by white sand beaches. A special look for the dry season, a sandbank in the middle of the bay is accessible either by wading or by small weathered canoes.

What to do:

Observation of wildlife, interpretive trails, boating rides, fishing, swimming activities and refreshing cool water lagoons, to participate on popular festivities, either participate or observe one of the most complex marathons of jungle, the Jungle Marathon.

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