Traditional community of Atodí

What to do
Traditional community of Atodí

Located on Extractive Settlement Lago Grande (Big Lake), on the left margin of the Arapiuns River, in the area of Santarém, almost on the border between the States of Pará and Amazonas, Atodí is a community composed of 46 families, who live for hunting, fishing, family agriculture (cassava production and other seasonal crops, raise small animals), extractivism vegetable and ecotourism.


The Inn charm of the Arapiuns - (Pousada Encanto do Arapiuns)

The Inn charm of the Arapiuns has a small structure and low-impact, managed collectively and in solidarity with the community, it can accommodate up to 18 people, with hammock accommodation, no private toilets and solar energy.


How to get there:

The access is exclusively by the river from Santarém, about 5 hours of a boat ride before the arrival to the community Atodí.

Best time to visit:

In the summer time from August to December in the Amazon, when the water is specialy good for swimming.

What to do there:

Know the process of manufacture of cassava, do the castanheiro trail and take a bath in the creek, canoe ride in the Woods flooded, visit some communities that produce the fiber crafts of Tucumã.

What to purchase:

The Atodí community does not produce crafts, only sells crafts made by the community artisans, from Atodí. Another option is the tourism and handicraft cooperative of turiarte forest, in Santarém.


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