Traditional community of Jamaraquá

What to do
Traditional community of Jamaraquá

Amazon community located on the right side of the Tapajós River, the Tapajós national forest is about 25 km away from Belterra and 75 Km to Santarém, the closest cities. The community has about 37 families, and the houses are mostly of straw with wooden walls and has access to electricity. The base of the economy of the community is the extraction plant (proper management of rubber) applied in the artisan production of rubber, collecting native seeds and fibres used in the manufacture of crafts and biojewels, besides fishing and the agriculture.

Where to stay:

In Jamaraquá the hostels are familial/domestic, rustic in some ways, as the are made out of native wood and straw cover curuá, looking with sight to the Tapajós River. The hostels offer rooms with beds and hammocks.

How to get there:

Get the Highway BR-316 (Cuiabá - Santarém), about with 47 km on a paved way until you reach Highway 7, in the city of Belterra, and then follow up to 14 km of dirt road; and next by boat along the Tapajós River leaving from Santarém or by the pier in Alter do chão Village.

Best time to go:

From January to June, when it is possible to get to know the work of the extractive on rubber latex collection and to watch a small-scale production of it; and from July to December when the level of the waters of the rio Tapajós gets lower, making emerge beautiful white sandy beaches, surrounded by amazing native trees.

What to do:

Swim at beaches and creeks, walk on trails in the Woods, boat ride along Jamaraquá lake, experience the stay in the community, Wildlife observation, enjoy lunchtime with the community, a visit to the craft shop and to the place where they make the flour.

What to purchase:

There is a craft biostore in the community where you can purchase handmade products, that express the cultural identity of the community. Another option would be the Ecostore Tapajos, in Santarém.

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