Traditional Maguari Community

What to do
Traditional Maguari Community

The Maguari community has approximately 80 families. It is a part of the project in support for a sustainable forest management in the Amazon and survives, of household production, such as agriculture, forestry, fishing and crafts. People also have in the crafts one of the main sources of income, using latex, rubber raw materials from where artisans make tiny rubber toys, animals, ornaments and accessories (handbags, necklaces, bracelets etc.)

How to get there:

Starting from Santarém, the access can be made through the Tapajós River waterway (pier) or by road towards highway BR 163 – Cuiabá-Santarém.

Best time to go:

From January to June, when it is possible to make a local visit and look closely how is the work in the communities during the process of extracting rubber latex; and from July to December when the Tapajós river water level gets lower, revealing such a beautiful white sand beaches and a stupendous vegetation.

What to do:

Lunch in the community, make forest trails, canoe ride, watch and learn about the transformation process of the traditional latex to eco friendly products and swimming recreation.

What to buy:

In the community there is craft shop, where you can purchase a handmade rubber derivatives products. Another option is the Ecostore Tapajós, in Santarém. And another option would be a visit to Ecoshop Tapajós, in Santarém.

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